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Manoj Comics was once one of the leading comic book houses in India along with its competitors like Raj Comics, Nutan Comics and Diamond Comics. 

Other than the known characters, the prime strength of Manoj Comics was the stories based on Kings-Queens, Prince-Princess, Demons, Dragons, Ghosts and moral values.

Mahabali Shera Kala Pret Manoj Comics

Almost more than half of there Comics falls under these categories. They have also published some world-famous stories like Gulliver’s Travels, though these are very rare to find these days.

There has been a time in the history of India when comics were used to publish in large sizes instead of being printed in today’s medium size and all comics publishers used to print comics in this length and width during that time. 

Nutan and Raj Comics were publishing there cartoons & comics on a large scale, while Manoj Comics was also emerging. 

Diamond Comics was also experimenting with comics and kept its size medium, which would be said to be small compared to Nutan and Manoj.

In the narration of Gangs of Wasseypur, the control of coal mines from the British had now reached the musclemen and from there to the government department.

Doordarshan was now spreading its voice from the houses of the city to the khapar residence of the village and in the field of entertainment, comics were establishing their feet more firmly, whose identity was in the hands of its colorful pictures, stories of kings and queens and strong heroes from abroad. .

Manoj Comics also started with the name of Manoj Chitra Katha, which readers also know as MCK (MCK). 

Comics refers to the unique world of cartoons, in such a situation that can be better than the story of the famous Sindbad. Manoj Chitrakatha made a big debut in the Indian comics world with a large size and excellent cover, which was priced at Rs 100.

Due to changing time & taste Manoj Comics were finally closed. Manoj Comics was the only last major Indian comic book company which got shut down at last.

In 2021, Comics India again announced that they will start reprinting there Manoj Comics series starting with character Hawaldar Bahadur.

By the way, you will get more price of these old comics in the market, but as a result of the efforts of Comics India and the efforts of Mr. Sawan Gupta ji, once again after reprinting the big size Manoj Chitrakatha, you will get it from the vendors as Manoj Comics. 

Along with this, you will not want to miss the great opportunity to interact with local heroes like Mahabali Shera and Kalapreet, because the decade of eighties may not come again.

Alha Udal Manoj Comics

Manoj Comics Big Sizes Lists 

  • Mahabali Shera
  • Mahabali Shera and Kala Pret
  • Sahsi Sindbad
  • Alha Udal
Sahasi Sindbad Manoj Comics

Manoj Comics Series List

  • Bhoot-Pret Tantra-Mantra
  • Bhoot-Pret Tantra-Mantra Jadu-Tona
  • Commando
  • Dark Tales
  • Dracula
  • Jaadui-Vichitra Lok Kathayein
  • Thrill Action Adventure
Toofan Magnet Sticker Manoj Comics

Important Characters of Manoj Comics

  • Aakrosh
  • Ajgar
  • Akdu Ji – Jhagdu Ji
  • Amar-Akbar
  • Ajay-Vijay-Tingu
  • Anguthelal
  • Aslam
  • Baby
  • Bunty
  • Chacha Paropkari Lal
  • Chatur Chaudhary
  • Colonel Karn
  • Computer Singh
  • Crookbond, a spy similar to James Bond
  • Gangaram Patel aur Bulakhi Nai
  • Hawaldar Bahadur
  • Hawaldar Gaindaram
  • Indra
  • Inspector Manoj
  • Jasoon Patang
  • Jasoos Karamchand
  • Jataayu
  • Jitendra
  • Kaan
  • Kalapreet
  • Kallu
  • Kanga
  • Machini Lal – Afeemi Lal
  • Mahabali Bheem
  • Mahabali Shera
  • Mahanayak Kids
  • Makdi Rani
  • Manku-Jhanku
  • Ram-Rahim
  • Saagar-Salim
  • Shark
  • Secret Agent Sulemaan
  • Sherbaaz
  • Sherdil
  • Shreeman Funty
  • Sikander
  • Space-Man
  • Super-Thief Rustam
  • Tinni
  • Toofan
  • Topchand Bandookbaaz
  • Totan
  • Trikaldev
  • Uncle Charlie
  • Vidhvans
  • Vinaash
  • Vinod-Hamid
  • Yugandhar

The new comics are priced at below Rs.100/- and have been revived with a new look and feel. 

Click on the link given below to buy the comics and once again get lost in the wonderful world of Manoj comics because we must spend some moments of life with the stories molded in these colorful worlds, the confluence of information and the victory of truth over untruth. 

A better example of this can hardly be seen in any other medium of entertainment.

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