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If you are a student studying in Class 10 and searching for a class 10 computer book pdf, then you have arrived at the right place. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you a class 10 computer book pdf which you can download through the given link below.

class 10 computer book

CBSE which is also called Central Board of Secondary Education prescribes NCERT books for Students who are in the 10th class. Class 10 is a very important class for all students.

class 10 computer book pdf

As you know that you are in class 10 and it is very important to study well to score good marks on your exams. The very important exam that is conducted for class 10 is the board exam. This board exam covers all the topics from all subjects equally. 

To score good marks in your computer science board exam then you must read and prepare from NCERT class 10 computer book. Many of you don’t have a hardcover book of class 10 computer books. 

You might not have purchased or don’t want to spend money to buy this book. No problem, here you will get ncert computer book for class 10 pdf which you can download for free.

Class 10 Computer Book PDF Overview

PDF NameClass 10 Computer Book PDF
Download LinkAvailable ✔
Size50 MB
Class 10 Computer Book PDF Download

Class 10 Computer book CBSE Chapters

Chapter NameTopics
1. Review of Autodesk 3D MaxWhat is 3D?
Navigation and Display
Creating Objects & Selecting Objects.
Parenting & Grouping objects.
Transforming Objects.
2. Animation in 3D MaxAnimation Keys and Keyframing.
Animation Controllers
Parametric vs. Transform Animation
Animation Playback
Time Configuration
Cycling &Linking
Editing tools:
Select Modifiers
Edit Modifiers
Editable Object Commands
Sub-Object Selection
Modifying & Transforming Sub-Objects
Mesh Editing Levels
Spline Editing Levels
3. Customizing & Embedding
Multimedia components in
Inserting Multimedia files in Webpages
Compatible Multimedia Files formats for Webpages.
Embedding Audio File.
Embedding Video File.
Embedding Flash File.
4. Web Scripting Using
Java Script
Variables & Operators
If & Switch
Iteration (Loops)
Window Object
Pop–Up Boxes –Alert, Confirm Etc.
Function Definition
Calling a Function
Function Parameters
Return Statement
String Object
String Properties
String Methods
String HTML Wrappers
Math Object
Array Properties
Array Methods
What is an Event?
A click Event Type
On Submit Event Type
On Mouseover & On mouseout
HTML 4 Standard Events
5. Operating Web Based
What is E-Governance
Major E-Governance Projects in India
Societal Imports of E-Governance
What is E-Business
Major E-Business Portals
Societal Impacts of E-Business
What is E-Learning?
Major E-Learning Sites
Societal Impacts of E-Learning.
Class 10 Computer book CBSE Chapters

Class 10 Computer book NCERT Chapters

Chapter NameTopics
Chapter 1: Computer and its Components✦ Introduction
✦ Hardware and Software
✦ Software
✦ Computers Characteristics
✦ Generations of Computers
✦ Categories of Computers
✦ Applications of Computers
✦ Input → Process → Output (IPO)
Chapter 2: Advanced GIMP✦ Introduction
✦ Review of GIMP Covered in Class IX
✦ Toolbox
✦ Steps to use the Tools stated above used in GIMP are as follows
✦ Layers
✦ Masking
Chapter 3: Tables✦ Introduction
✦ Structure of tag
✦ The TH or TD element
✦ The CAPTION tag
✦ Frames
Chapter 4: Forms✦ Introduction
✦ Method Attribute of Form
✦ Input tag
Chapter 5: DHTML & CSS✦ Introduction
✦ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
✦ Font
✦ COLOR Properties
✦ Background Properties
Chapter 6: Network Security✦ Introduction
✦ Basic Terminology
✦ Most attacks can be categorized as one of six broad classes
✦ Cyber Crimes
Class 10 Computer book NCERT Chapters

Now we will discuss the various topics covered in the Class 10 computer book. The class 10 computer book covers a wide range of topics including 3D design and animation using Autodesk 3D Max, web scripting using JavaScript, customizing and embedding multimedia components in webpages, and operating web-based applications like e-governance, e-business, and e-learning.

Review of Autodesk 3D Max:

The Class 10 computer book introduces students to the basics of 3D design and animation using Autodesk 3D Max. This software allows you to create 3D models, animations, and visual effects with ease.

In this section, you will learn all the basics of 3D design and animation including navigation and display, creating and selecting objects, parenting and grouping objects, and transforming objects.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 1 PDF DOWNLOAD NOW

Animation in 3D Max:

Animation is the process of creating a series of images that simulate movement. In the Class 10 computer book, you will learn advanced animation techniques using Autodesk 3D Max including animation keys and keyframing, animation controllers, parametric vs. transform animation, animation playback, acceleration, time configuration, cycling and linking, and editing tools such as select modifiers, edit modifiers, and sub-object selection.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 2 PDF DOWNLOAD NOW

Customizing and Embedding Multimedia Components in Webpages:

Webpages have become increasingly dynamic, with the ability to incorporate multimedia components such as audio, video, and flash files. In the Class 10 computer book, you will learn about the various formats of multimedia files that are compatible with webpages and how to embed them, including inserting multimedia files, embedding audio files, embedding video files, and embedding flash files.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 3 PDF DOWNLOAD NOW

Web Scripting Using JavaScript:

JavaScript is a powerful programming language that is widely used in web development. In the Class 10 computer book, you will learn the basics of JavaScript, including variables and operators, if and switch statements, iteration (loops), window objects, pop-up boxes, functions, string and math objects, arrays, and event handling.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 4 PDF DOWNLOAD NOW

Operating Web-based Applications:

The Class 10 computer book covers the benefits and societal impacts of web-based applications like e-governance, e-business, and e-learning. Students learn about e-governance projects in India, major e-business portals, and e-learning sites.

Class 10 Computer Chapter 5 PDF DOWNLOAD NOW

Download the class 10 Computer book for all boards

You can download all the PDFs of Class 10 Computer book for free using the direct Google Drive link given below.

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The Class 10 computer book is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital world. From 3D design and animation to web scripting and operating web-based applications, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics.

We hope that this blog has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the Class 10 computer book PDF and will help you in mastering the topics covered in your class.

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